Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bleached Out

Giselle is currently working on a series of scarves using bleach and hearts she drew and printed on to recycled t-shirt fabric.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

John is working on a project to apply on a large wrap scarf! The first few steps of this process are being displayed above. He started by taking a photo of myself and somewhat editing it on Photoshop and then transfered on to Illustrator. On Illustrator he created a live trace and used a photo of Alexander McQueens' shoe and layered it under the trace. Later on he is going to add a poem that he wrote surrounding the photo.

Jesse's self portrait

this is jesse's self portrait. in the back is a design (carbon atom) that he drew out and then placed into illustrator.

Simply Gabrielle

When starting the self- portrait project this was the first picture i picked. I used words that described me to fill in the stencil. I didn't really do the project correct because your suppose to be able to read the words within the stencil but i consider this a beautiful mistake.


Gabrielle's Self-Portrait

This Photo was taken at our HTW photo shoot. We took a couple of pictures but i picked this one because it seemed liked the easiest to work with (lolz). Poochie was something that i worked on after the self portrait but using Adobe Illustrator I was able to take my logo design and put it on my sweater.

Nadia's Self Portrait and Original

Earlier in the internship, my self portrait was posted. I felt it would be better to show the original as well. This will give the readers a better idea of what they can do using Adobe Illustrator.

Nadia's Designs

These are designs of mine that actually started off as sketches. Chanel was nice enough to scan my drawings onto the computer from me, but getting the lines right in illustrator was up to me. It wasn't until I had to do that did I finally understand why Chanel always said the "pen tool" is a pain. But with determination (and calling Chanel over every 10 minutes), I did it. I guess you can say the meaning behind these pieces are up for debate. It really all depends on the person's perception.
Being an intern at HTW was awesome and I greatly appreciate all that Shani and Chanel has done for me. I have never worked in an artistic environment where students can actually add in their own creativity and style. Anyone who is interesting in taking classes at HTW should definitely give it a shot. It's a great experience and I honestly feel like I am walking away with new knowledge and skill.